My name is Nina.  I opened Nina’s Cleaning Service to bring clients an exceptional and satisfying cleaning experience.  After working in the industry for a number of years servicing individuals as well as large corporate clients, I discovered that many found their experience disappointing to say the least.  They were often left with damaged or stolen property, as well as homes and businesses that had not been properly cleaned.

I originally moved to the United States in 1990 and found the frigid northeast quite different from my native Colombia.  I have been residing in South Florida now for a number of years, enjoying the warm climate and outdoor activities.  As a child, I was taught the importance of appreciating what I had, not focusing on what I didn’t have. I was taught to make the best of any situation and my parents and grandparents instilled in me a sense of responsibility, pride and humility.  My family took pride in welcoming guests in their home and in presenting it as a comfortable, clean environment.

“Chi (energy) flows through everything, our body, our words and thoughts, and our emotions.  Our state of mind and whether we feel and speak positively or negatively can affect our environment…  the ‘atmosphere’.  If we were to live and work in a harmonious environment, we would feel less stress and as a result would be healthier physically and emotionally.”   —  Dani Lynn, Chi Garden, Inc. 

This is the atmosphere I like to create for my clients in their own home or place of business.  A clean and organized environment is a healthy and motivational environment.  It lifts our spirit.

cat, cleaning service, pets, image

My services are ‘pet friendly’.  I love animals and formerly volunteered at the SPCA Wildlife Care Center in Ft. Lauderdale.  I’d spent time in the nursery feeding the many injured and abandoned babies that were brought in and I also volunteered in the admissions office.  Over 12,000 birds, reptiles and mammals are admitted annually.  It’s a busy place and it is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.


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